Monday, April 02, 2007


Kevin McCulloughs latest article would be notable mostly for the weird formatting problems that seem to plague him and his ungrammatical title "Why liberals get it wrong (on nearly everything!" Nice use of parentheses there, poindexter. It's a list article, listing all the awful things that happened this last week. Atrocities like Chocolate Jesus, John Travolta speaking out about Global Warming while owning a lot of planes, and the very existence of Rosie O'Donnell. He concludes his list by saying that, well, he just doesn't think much of liberals.
. . . one thing becomes clear as you click from story to story, liberal thinking, philosophy, and policies will destroy our nation.
I think using would might be better here, as the use of will makes it seem like a done deal. But what do I know?

What makes it interesting is that McCullough includes former New York Mayor and current Presidential Candidate Rudy Guiliani in his list of shame for suggesting he might let his wife attend cabinet meetings. So apparently a Republican Presidential candidate (the front runner actually) is a member of this philosphy that will destroy our nation?

Yeah I think Gingrich would be a strong candidate if he got in.

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