Thursday, April 12, 2007

Don't Be Nice

Ann Coulter's latest article is about Don Imus's unfortunate remarks. It's rather amusing reading Conservatives write about this, because they can't decide whether they are happy to see Imus get smacked down or if they are upset that Political correctness has claimed another victim.

Ann Coulter sets up a straw man and dutifully knocks it out.
Perhaps sensing that such constantly scrolling rules have a whiff of fascism about them, the scowling Miss Grundys of the world think they have hit on the perfect omnibus rule. They instruct us to "be nice."
Apparently being nice would ruin society as we know it by eliminating public discourse. So Coulter is not going to be nice.
I, for one, promise to implement the "be nice" policy just as soon as the other side surrenders.
By the other side, she means Liberals. She then goes on a nice little melange of statements talking about internal political discourse and external foreign policy discourse as if it were the same thing. She reminds us all that Reagan, when governor of California, gave students the finger. Thank you Ann!

Of course if Coulter agreed to "be nice" she'd have to lose about 90% of her output. Of course it could be worse. If she agreed to "be honest" or "make sense" she'd lose 93% and 97% of her output respectively.

I guess I won't hold my breath.

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