Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Covering the Bases! Puke Edition!

Hey maggots, this is Puke. I haven't participated since you voted me off the island b back in 2004. But I'm back. McIckleson and his chick are having a country drive, Lobster is picked, Bryant is busy looking in a mirror and telling himself how pretty he is, Cheery is showing a house to a pair of jerkasses from Jacksonville. That leaves me.

You all suck by the way.

LEFT is RIGHT asks how many people who were for the war are now against it. I'm still for the Iraq war. It's stupid and wasteful and destructive. Hoo-fucking-ray for humanity. We need to stick with what we are good at.

Liberty Street has the news that John McCain, a bald dirtbag, walked around Baghdad in total safety. Because he had an army with him. Doesn't stop him from lying about it afterwords, but jerks like him get off on lying anyway.

That's all I feel like doing. Remember life is short, but it sucks anyway, so cheer the hell up!

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