Thursday, April 05, 2007

The Type of Liberals Fox Hires

Been meaning to point you guys to this article for a few days. It's an article about what kind of liberals appear on Fox.
But if one actually watches a lot of Fox News, the in-house Democrats don't come off as effective evangelists for their party or for liberal politics in general. It sounds harsh, but think of most of the Fox Democrats, at least those who appear on the opinion shows, which take up half the network's airtime, as one of three types. They are either scary liberals, losers or enablers. Representatives of each type may score some points for Democrats when they appear on-air, but ultimately they help further Fox's larger narrative about Democrats and liberals and what they stand for.
Italics are mine. Anyway the article is worth checking out.

While you are there you might also read this post by Glenn Greenwald on how dissatisfying it must be for Newt Gingrich and other Conservatoids that the situation in Iran has been resolved without violence (so far anyway).

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