Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Bill Richardson

Has been nominated for the Noble Peace Prize Times. So has Rush Limbaugh (well only once).

First question, what is the best and fastest way to end the war in Iraq. He says that if he were President, he would pull out troops by the end of the year, no residuals. He would make two diplomatic efforts to make the three parts of Iraq get together. Gosh nobody has ever thought of that before.

We also have to talk with the region, along with Iran and Syria. It will be tough to make peace with those nations, but if we pull out it might be doable. I don't know about that, but it has to be better than what we are currently doing.

Second question (from a landlord). Are you for and against funding the war? He would pass a congressional act de-authorizing the war. It's an interesting idea, but of course it's easy to say that when you aren't in Congress. Still I'm surprised nobody is talking about this idea.

Third question is whether or not American companies should keep Oil Contracts. He's not opposed to it, but thinks the decision should be the Iraqis. In other words we should make buddies with Iraq again and then let them decide to continue to work with us.

Final statement he is talking about his experience as both a legislature and an executive. He sounds really solid actually.

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