Friday, April 06, 2007

My Brain is Tired

I can't concentrate today very well because my brain no longer functions well. I did not sleep well last night; I think I might be feeling guilty about those nuns. But I'll get over it.

Fortunately my brain is working well enough to note David Limbaugh is a filthy liar who sponges off the fame of his brother. Poor bastiche. His latest article is about how awful it was that Nancy Pelosi went to Syria less than a week after three Republican Congresscritters visited Syria. Apparently her visit was extra bad because she's a liberal Democrat. Honesty forces me to note that had she not gone to Syria she would probably still have been a liberal Democrat.

Limbaugh also reveals what he believes the President wants in his foreign policy; constant belligerence; " . . . the president has emphasized he does not want to negotiate with Syria, a nation that is supporting our enemies in Iraq, sponsoring Hamas and Islamic Jihad organizations, provides weapons to Hezbollah, is a proxy of Iran and is dedicated to the destruction of our ally, Israel." I guess that's that. I suppose if he does not want a peaceful resolution to our differences with Syria, he must want some other type of resolution.

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