Tuesday, April 03, 2007

David Limbaugh Doesn't Understand Institutional Pride

David Limbaugh's latest article is about how the Democrats are shooting themselves in the foot by resisting President Bush and trying to get our troops home(despite polls to the contrary). He finds himself wondering how Senator Reid's position could have hardened. After noting that the bill he signed along with Fiengold will cut off funding for continuing the war after March 31, 2008, Limbaugh writes;
Be aware that as recently as Nov. 30, 2006, Sen. Reid said something quite different. He said, "We're not going to do anything to limit funding or cut off funds."

What has changed since then that would warrant such an about face? How about the fact that the troop surge is showing signs of success? No, that would cut the other way now, wouldn't it? More likely it's the increasing pressure from the antiwar base and the reportedly solid poll numbers against the war.
Or alternatively it's the way the President is flaunting the power of the Congress. The President has made it clear that he thinks little of Congress's right to advise him. Nothing new there, the President isn't interested in hearing anybody who disagrees with him. But unlike most people, Congress has a legitimate claim to being heard, and Bush's dismissal of them (and forthcoming veto) is only going to stiffen the spine of Congressional Democrats and even REpublican who want to preserve the power and prestige of Congress.

Limbaugh closes his article suggesting that if and when we get our way on Iraq it will really doom the Democrats. Yeah yeah yeah. He might be right, actually, but it's still the right thing to do.

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