Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Dennis Kucinich

I think they are getting a lot more hits than they expected. What's his name is underlining Kucinich's Department of Peace idea; not one of his best ones.

What is the best and fastest way to end the war is to Iraq. The best plan is to adopt his plan which he put in a law. Once we declare we are going to leave, we can get the rest of the world to work on fixing Iraq. Apparently Kucinich has been opposed, is opposed and will be opposed to the war in Iraq. We should basically turn over reconstruction to the U.N. We need to fund the reconstruction, but let the U.N. run it. He references the Biden plan and calls it partitioning Iraq (which is a common reaction).

He's a bit more long winded than Biden.

He's shown the wisdom and the clarity right from the start. I do get the impression he's barely holding back saying neener neener neener I was right and you all were wrong. That said, he actually was right and everybody else was wrong.

Diplomatically we need to reach out to Syria and Iran to bring a new sense of cooperation to the region. Not sure how that will work.

He is once again mentioning that he is right and always has been.

His third question is on what he will do to get our status back. First of all we should end the war immediately. And then the president should reach out to everybody. We need to participate in international treaties to get rid of weapons and sign a bunch of international treaties.

He is mentioning again that he is the only one in the race who opposed the war and voted against funding the war.

Here's his final statement. He opposed the war in the beginning and urged congress people to oppose the war, and voting against funding the war.

I kind of get the theme he's working on. I agree that it has to be frustrating that as the one guy who was consistently right on this issue and yet seen as unrealistic. But I do think he's underlining it a little too hard.

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