Friday, April 20, 2007

The Passion of the Rush

I am reaching the boiling point about all of this "coarsening of the culture" garbage that the left is accusing people like me and Matt Drudge and Sean Hannity and others of committing on talk radio and so forth. Some of the most vile hatred is expressed in this country by the Drive-By Media at our president, at our military, by their blogs and by their talk show hosts. It is they who write books and do movies on assassinating our president. It is they who are constantly trying to undermine this country's cohesiveness. They are doing things to keep us constantly in tumult and chaos. Everything is doom and gloom. They are lying through their teeth about global warming. They are trying to set us up for tax increases to assuage our sin and guilt for "destroying the planet." If there's anybody out there that's coarsening the culture, and is making a mockery of modern day journalism by committing journalistic malpractice, the assaults that have occurred on George W. Bush -- both in books, in movies, in terms of his assassination -- and the never ending verbal drumbeat that has come ever since he was inaugurated, dwarfs anything that is taking place on the right.

By far, it is not even close. These people are Stalinists. They cannot stand an opposing point of view in their midst, and so they come up with policies and programs that are designed to discredit or silence people they don't want to hear. They hate debate because to them there is no debate. There is no alternative to their sick, perverse view of human nature and life, and in way too many cases, their sick, perverse view of this country. If you listen to the left in this country, our military is nothing but a bunch of torturers, rapists and murderers -- and they gleefully report this! If you listen to the left in this country, our president is human debris. He's a liar, he's a murderer, and all he wants is oil for himself and his buddies. Ditto Dick Cheney. Ditto Donald Rumsfeld. Ditto Condoleezza Rice.
Not much to say about this. Rush has divided the world into those with a sick, perverse world view and him and his buddies. Of course people who don't agree with Rush on say, the competency of President Bush or the success of the Iraq war are in fact the majority. So naturally he's upset at how many sick, perverse people there are.

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