Monday, October 08, 2007

The Thrill is Gone

Republicans aren't having a great year. Many of them (see for example, Rush Limbaugh, feel compelled to hide it and claim that all is great). Others prefer to attack the Democrats because, well, that's what Republicans do. A few are admitting it, like Donald Lambro. It's mostly about Republican retirements in Congress and a the SCHIPs battle, neither of which put a smile on Republican's faces.
"Democrats are going to pound Republicans on this in the campaign," a disgusted Heritage official told me. "Sometimes, I think (Republicans) deserve to lose." Successful legislative battles are the result of good policymaking and sophisticated political calculation. In the fight over SCHIP, the Republicans have neither.

Is it any wonder that Republicans ended last week feeling so gloomy about their prospects in the coming year?
No that seems totally understandable.

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