Wednesday, October 31, 2007

This is Great!

Tony Blankley's latest article is entitled "Small Tent Conservatives." I love that. Naturally it's about how mean libertarians and old school conservatives are picking on Mike Huckabee, which is exactly like Dobson threatening to vote third party if Rudy Giuliani gets the nomination.
My goodness, professional conservative activists and commentators certainly are busy these days trying to put up a pup (rather than a three-ring) tent for the GOP. A few weeks ago, it was social conservatives reading Giuliani out of the party. Now, in an almost Sicilian revenge pattern, several free-market, low-tax conservatives are coming after Mike Huckabee with baseball bats -- or perhaps with badminton rackets (given the elite Eastern origins of the attackers.)
Does anybody else get the impression that Blankley is a lot more interested in defending Huckabee than Giuliani? I mean there aren't any mocking descriptions of Dobson's followers are there?

It will be interesting to see what happens if the Republican Party puts of Giuliani and the Religious Conservatives largely bolt. Would Republican pundits like Rush or Coulter or, well, Blankley continue to kiss their collective behinds? Or follow them?

At any rate the point to this article is that Conservatives should be united. A party united cannot be divided. Or so the cheer goes.

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