Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Candidate Review - Abortion - Mike Gravel

And away we go!

I will be doing these Candidate Reviews on Tuesday and Thursday. Tuesday I will cover the Democrats and Thursday I will cover the Republicans. I will be tagging these with the Issue and Year, and with the Candidate and Year (on the off chance that I am doing these again in 2012 - so if you see below, this post is labeled Abortion 2008 and Gravel 2008.

Todays is on Abortion (or Reproductive Rights), largely because it will be a simple issue to cover and I will also be looking at the Candidate's websites in General.

Mike Gravel's website is somewhat minimalist; although he does apparently have a presence in Second Life. I'm not sure of the value of that. His website is designed around getting people to participate in his campaign; nothing wrong with that I suppose. He has a blog that looks like it is regularly updated (well several times a month, which isn't that great I suppose).

On the other hand he doesn't have a section for his speeches which I think is a bit of a misfire. His issues page is somewhat minimalist as well.

He does, though, have his position on Abortion there.
Senator Gravel supports a woman's right to decide if and when to have children and to make the difficult decision about abortion without interference by government.
Simple and direct, which I gather is how Mr. Gravel wishes to be seen.

One down, seven to go.

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