Wednesday, October 03, 2007

The Madness of King Rush

Rush Limbaugh is kind of losing it over this "phony soldiers" kerfluffle, I think because it cuts to the heart of his self image. He believes himself to be pro-military, and in a way I suppose he is. He certainly is in favor of military solutions to foreign policy problems; he despises diplomacy and loves sending in the troops. The fact that his commitment to sending in the troops leads to troop deaths seems to have escaped his notice.

Anyway yesterday Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid made some comments on Rush Limbaugh, so he naturally turned to attack Reid (which he does all the time anyway).
I think tit-for-tat's in order here. If Harry Reid is going to call me unpatriotic, then, Senator Reid, you may qualify as a phony patriot. Trying to all of a sudden position yourself now as a supporter of the troops? Can we go back and listen to some previous Harry Reid sound bites? He wants everybody to believe he's such a supporter, has such love and adoration for the troops.
Rush's proof that Reid isn't a supporter of the troops? He stated that the Surge had failed (which it has). He tried to kill the Patriot act and said that they had killed it. He criticized the Commander in Chief (currently President George W. Bush) and Clarence Thomas.

Now I know what you are thinking - Clarence Thomas? What does criticizing Clarence Thomas have to do with supporting or failing to support the troops? Well, going back to yesterday, Rush believes that to be patriotic one must be conservative. Since he believes the American soldiers to be good and patriotic, he also assumes they are conservative. So when Conservatives, like Justice Thomas, are attacked, it's really an attack on the troops.

Yeah, I'm not sure I get it either.

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