Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Candidate Review - Foreign Policy - Hillary Clinton

Let's do Hillary Clinton in the middle this week. Her statement, entitled "Restoring America's Standing in the World" is very professional and clean. The real challenge for Hillary isn't winning people over to her side; it's keeping from making any exploitable mistakes. And she seems to avoid that pitfall here.
Americans are ready for a leader who will restore America's reputation in the world, and Hillary is prepared to lead America back in the right direction.

The next president's most urgent task will be to restore America's standing in the world to promote our interests, ensure our security, and advance our values.

America is stronger when we lead the world through alliances and build our foreign policy on a strong foundation of bipartisan consensus.
One interesting sideline; Clinton does make sure to underline her friendship with Israel.
Hillary has steadfastly fought for Israel's right to exist peacefully and to defend its people against terrorism. She has condemned Hamas's rise to power. She has spoken out against the problem of anti-Semitism in Palestinian textbooks and condemned Iran's conference on the Holocaust.
I guess that is necessary, but I'm not sure I've seen other candidates doing it. And, of course, a reference to Israeli violence against the Palestinian people wouldn't be a bad idea.

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