Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Candidate Review - Foreign Policy - Dennis Kucinich

All Dennis is saying is give peace a chance.

Actually this is one of Kucinich's strongest issues because he didn't vote for the Iraq War Resolution, and it has to drive him and his supporters nuts that he was right on the most defining issue of our day and somehow gets no credit for it. That said his page on foreign policy does read a bit like something from the sixties.
The United States must now embrace strength through peace. Because we spend more than the rest of the world combined we will clearly remain the world’s most powerful nation. But with that power comes a great responsibility. We must use our unrivaled power to lead, not to bully, the rest of the world. War must truly become the last desperate measure of self defense, not the handy policy tool it is now used for.

. . . By abandoning the arrogant “my way or the highway” attitude we can reengage the world in productive discussion on our common goals of universal peace and prosperity. Maintaining our current course of action will only end with a world in flames and economic ruin.
I largely agree with Kucinich, but not sure this is an ideal way of setting up his policy - it almost reads like a parody of what Liberals believe on Foreign Policy.

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