Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Candidate Review - Foreign Policy - Chris Dodd

Chris Dodd isn't as impressive on this issue. He does have a page dedicated to foreign policy, but his statement is largely a laundry list of problems the world is facing.
From his time in the Peace Corps as a young man to his 25 years on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Chris Dodd has worked to strengthen America through bold engagement. Dodd understands America must lead to protect our security not only on Iraq, but also on the rise of state-less terrorist organizations around the world, Iran and North Korea’s emerging nuclear capabilities, a resurgent Taliban in Afghanistan, the HIV/AIDS crisis that is decimating whole continents and creating failed states, and the growing threat of global warming. Chris Dodd is ready to lead – to face our challenges abroad with boldness and a proven ability to bring people together.
Below that he has a bit on Iraq (although Iraq has it's own page as well, and a few other statements. He does call for more diplomacy and engaging our allies (specifically Saudi Arabia and Russia) in halting activities that are bad for the world.
Hold America’s Allies Accountable. As President, Chris Dodd would engage key strategic countries, nations like Saudi Arabia and Russia, and call on them to support freedom and democracy in their own countries and to eliminate the conditions that export terrorism and allow our enemies to thrive.
He then goes through his qualifications to deal with foreign policy issues, which seem lengthy but not deep.

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