Monday, October 29, 2007

Good article on Evangelical Christians

Continuing a theme started earlier today, and thanks to a link from the Randomist of Goblins, check out this article on where Conservative Christians are going into 2008.

I particularly liked these paragraphs that explain a bit of a generational change in how Conservatoid Christians look at the world.
Ever since they broke with the mainline Protestant churches nearly 100 years ago, the hallmark of evangelicals theology has been a vision of modern society as a sinking ship, sliding toward depravity and sin. For evangelicals, the altar call was the only life raft — a chance to accept Jesus Christ, rebirth and salvation. Falwell, Dobson and their generation saw their political activism as essentially defensive, fighting to keep traditional moral codes in place so their children could have a chance at the raft.

But many younger evangelicals — and some old-timers — take a less fatalistic view. For them, the born-again experience of accepting Jesus is just the beginning. What follows is a long-term process of “spiritual formation” that involves applying his teachings in the here and now. They do not see society as a moribund vessel. They talk more about a biblical imperative to fix up the ship by contributing to the betterment of their communities and the world.
Anyway it's well worth reading, even though it is quite long. I suspect, as most do, that the Christian Conservatives will end up supporting whoever the Republicans put up, but if they put up someone they don't feel comfortable with, well, such support might be a bit lackluster.

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