Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Candidate Review - Abortion - Chris Dodd

When you go to Chris Dodd's web page, you first get an opportunity to join the Dodd Squad. Kind of an old reference, but a moderately cool one. Dodd does not have a presence in Second Life, apparently. On the other hand he does have a Dodd Mart where you can buy Dodd Shirts and Dodd Mugs. He also has a Dodd Dodd. Dodd dodd dodd Dodd!

Sorry - went of the rails there for a moment. I'm back. His website is very cleanly designed, and looks nice. He does use his name a lot, but what are you going to do. It's a good name.

His issues page focuses on the issues he wants to talk about and Reproductive Rights aren't on the list. He isn't talking about his stance on this issue at the website. Perhaps it's an oversight, as he did speak directly at one of the Democratic Debates (the one in South Carolina, apparently).
I happen to believe a woman has a right to choose. I've voted that way and done that, supported that for the 26 years I've been in the US Senate. Supporting expanding adoption, children's health issues--these are things I've worked on for the last 26 years, having started the children's caucus in the US Senate, worked on children's health issues.
Perhaps I missed it, although I used both the Websites search engine and Google advanced search.

Or course, one of the problems with starting with Abortion as one of my big issues is that it isn't a key issue in this election (so far anyway) so candidates don't feel like they have to take an immediate position on it (the way they do on Iraq, for example).

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