Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Candidate Review - Foreign Policy - Joe Biden

To put it another way, Diplomacy or blowing the shit out of people. Joe Biden seems to believe that Bush's plan of blowing the shit out of people hasn't gone so well, so he's willing to try diplomacy.
Using Diplomacy to Keep America Safe: Joe Biden knows that the Bush Administration has left the next president with virtually no margin of error diplomatically. With decades of experience on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, and now its chairman, Joe Biden is the most qualified candidate to clean up the mess George Bush has made. Russia is rising on the world stage using oil as a weapon and China is becoming a greater force, both politically and militarily. Democracy is struggling in Latin America and oil has empowered dictators around the world who hold us hostage with their high prices. We need to end the genocide in Darfur as well as check Iran and North Korea’s progress on nuclear weapons and prevent them from increasing their nuclear arsenal. America needs a president with Joe Biden's experience to address these global challenges. As president, Joe Biden's foreign policy will draw upon all of America's strengths, including our ideas and our ideals, as well as our military might.
It's hard to deny that Biden is a strong candidate on this issue. He's got the most experience, and he's projects that experience well. On the other hand, he's a realist when it comes to foreign policy, and that might hurt him with those who would like to see the US abandon War as a foreign policy tool.

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