Thursday, October 11, 2007

Dobson's Choice

Frank Pastore is not a great interviewer. Comes of being a radio guy, I suppose. Too used to hearing the sound of his own voice. But he recently interviewed James Dobson, big man in the Christian Right, on why he won't vote for Rudy Giuliani. The standard reasons were given (including his appearing in drag on Saturday Night Live), and then Pastore made this interesting comment (in the form of a question).
Dr. Dobson, if Hillary were to win the presidency then that just means that the pro-life movement continues to fight another day, it would rally and mobilize the base, it would also send a message to the conservatives in America that without the pro-life movement, without the evangelical conservative Christian vote, you’re not going to win. If Rudy Giuliani wins it could be the end of the pro-family, pro-life movement because if he were to have four years in the White House the support for the pro-family movement could easily dry up. Why would the Republican Party support anything other than a pro-life candidate? Of course, that might be popular in a general election, but we sacrifice our soul at the altar of political expediency.

Dobson: That’ absolutely true, Frank.
It's heartening that a certain section of the Conservative base sees more value in Hillary Clinton being president than Rudy Giuliani. It's nice to know they are preparing to lose.

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