Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Hillary in '08

This is more like our regular broadcasting schedule. We have an article by Jonah Goldberg on how Republicans are eager to run against Hillary Clinton. It's full of questionable premises (like the idea that the Republican candidate automatically gets 40 to 45% of the vote), but it's central premise is clear enough.
To wit: Most independents and swing voters want an end to the acrimony and bitterness in Washington - and a candidate they like. Whether that's right or not is irrelevant. That's what they want.

Which Democratic candidate would be most likely to give those voters what they want? Not Hillary, it's safe to say.

. . . Fair or not, the Republicans' intense dislike of Hillary will underscore the idea that a vote for her is a vote for more of the same rancor.
Kind of an interesting dilemma. Republican rancor against Hillary Clinton is the fault of, apparently, Hillary Clinton.

Let's dispense with that right off; whoever the Democrats nominate with the possible exception of Joe Lieberman, will be destroyed by Conservatives and portrayed as a huge mistake. They are focusing on Clinton right now, because she's the most likely nominee. But they aren't going to take it easy on Obama or Edwards or Dodd or whoever we put up.

I think it's also wishful thinking to assume that partisan rancor is what people are mad at. As is traditional for these sorts of stories, the War in Iraq and it's effect on the national mood are quietly airbrushed out. Goldberg isn't interested in how that might be affecting our national mood (largely because all of the Republican candidates have promised to continue the same policies as the Bush Administration (except no-hoper Ron Paul). Once you start considering the war and foreign policy, the Republicans don't look nearly as strong.

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