Thursday, October 25, 2007

Candidate Review - Abortion - Tom Tancredo

Well everybody knows what Tancredo's number one issue is, and it isn't abortion. That's his number two issue (or Stand, as his website puts it (and for those who don't know Illegal Immigration is number one)).

His website is kind of blase but with a lot of videos and what nots. And his issues pages includes both a short recital of his position and a PDF and a Video on it (neither of which I'm going to pursue (I have 8 of these things to do).
The innocent unborn enjoy a God given right to life. Roe is a scar on the moral and intellectual history of the country; but, contrary to popular belief, overturning it would merely permit and not require states to prohibit abortion. To protect life, we also need to educate the public about the second victim of abortion, the mother who is subject to potential life long medical and emotional scarring.
Well he gets point for acknowledging that getting rid of Roe probably won't stop Abortions in California or New York. But other than that, pretty by the numbers.

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