Friday, October 26, 2007

My Theory on how Pret-A-Porter got Written

Writer A - "Yeah if you're a writer you have the power. You can make things happen."

Friend A - "Ah that's BS. There's lots of things you can't make happen."

Writer A - "Oh yeah? Like what?"

Friend A - "I'll bet you can't get a bunch of models to walk a runway naked."

Writer A - "That's easy. You just have to come up with some reason for them to walk around naked. Something they could get behind."

Friend A - "They'd see through you in like 30 seconds, you pervert."

Writer A - "You don't know how people's minds work. You just have to, like, tie into their own personal experience."

Friend A - "Like what?"

Writer A - "Well all them Models are like totally insecure. Worried about getting over taken by the next hot model."

Friend A - "Yeah. So?"

Writer A - "So you write some character, like a fashion designer or something who is worried about the same stuff. And finally she just says fuck it and rather than showing off her clothes she has her models go out there totally naked. And because they respect her they do it."

Friend A - "That'd never happen."

Writer A - "I could make it happen. I'm a writer. I have the power."

I admit the humor of the previous section won't mean much if you haven't seen "Pret-a-Porter." It's the one with the Lyrical Gangster Song - Here comes the Hotstopper by Ini Kamoze.

It's Robert Altman so maybe I should go back and give it another look, but I was not impressed my first run through it.

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