Thursday, March 01, 2007

Who's Fault is It?

The best part about the Democratic victory in 2006 is that the Conservatives can start blaming Liberals for our forthcoming failure (or, more accurately, admission of failure) in Iraq on the tenuous grounds that they are now running things. How it is their fault when President Bush has made it clear that he doesn't plan on listening to them on the war and his followers are making the case that as commander-in-chief he doesn't really need to is a bit baffling. But who cares! When you are a conservative it's always best to jab the knife in first and the figure out a rationale later.

Take William Rushers's latest article, entitled, "The Democrats take over the war." He starts with the bit about monkeys, typewrites and Shakespeare, and suggests that the Democrats chances of coming up with a viable strategy to confront middle eastern terrorism are roughly the same. But we don't care about coming up with a viable strategy anyway.
The Democrats haven't the faintest idea how to bug out of Iraq without all sorts of ensuing disasters, but they are determined to express "the will of the American people" (if only they can figure out what it is).

The only thing they are really determined to do is lose. They don't feel guilty about this because they think it's inevitable anyway, and it can always be blamed on George Bush.
Yeah - kind of rotten of us to blame the administration who got us into Iraq, who planned the invation, who failed to plan for the aftermath, and so on and so forth.

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