Monday, March 19, 2007

An Alternate Explanation

Writing about Dinesh D'Souza is, at this point, a lot like shooting fish in a barrel. Well it serves those fish right for climbing into a barrel! His latest article concerns the theory that Democrats want to lose the war on terror. His proof? Apparently we are more pissed at President Bush than Osama bin Ladin.
. . . we have to notice the “indignation gap” that is apparent in the writings and speeches of leading leftist commentators and elected officials. They seem far more outraged at Bush than at the Islamic radicals. They might rebuke Bin Laden and his radical allies, but their language reaches a new decibel of indignation when they excoriate Bush and his conservative backers. Somehow Bush frightens these people more than the Islamic radicals.
Well that might not be the only possible explanation.

Consider the following possible scenario - my poor little doggy Lupita occasionally takes a dump on my carpeting. In general I take this with good grace; it's the price of having a dog and it's often my fault for forgetting to take her out, or for giving her something that upset her stomach. Plus she's a dog and It's hard to expect too much from her.

On the other hand if one of my friends were to come into my apartment, pull down their slacks, and take a dump on my carpet I would have quite a different reaction. I would probably swear, wave my arms, and hop up and down. Not necessarily in that order.

So upon observing these two reactions, what can you conclude? If I were D'Souza I would conclude that I apparently enjoy picking up Dog Poop but would not enjoy picking up Human Poop. But since I'm not D'Souza (thank God), I conclude that I expect a little more out of my human friends than I do from my dog.

And I think that explains the Left's different reactions to Osama and President Bush. We expect a little bit more out of our President than we do from a mass-murdering zealot. Maybe we are setting the bar a little too high?

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jerichow said...

Was Bin Laden even for real?