Saturday, March 10, 2007

See I Told You So

Not that this is a shocking revelation, but many Conservatives don't think Rudy Guiliani is all that Conservative. And Nathan Tabor in his latest article explains why.
For one thing, he lacks authentic conservative credentials. While Giuliani can claim that he would appoint a Roberts- or Alito-type to the U.S. Supreme Court, he’s pro-abortion. That means he’s beholden to the abortion faction in our nation—a faction that believes partial-birth abortion should be considered in the same light as gum surgery. Once Republicans regain control of Congress, it’s tough to imagine Giuliani signing legislation that would offer any sort of protection to unborn children.

In addition, Giuliani is not in a position to defend family values, given his history of defending special rights for people who actively engage in a homosexual lifestyle.

. . . Is Giuliani the most liberal candidate running for the White House? Hillary and Barack could certainly give him a run for his liberal money. But the hero of 9/11 is no conservative, and it would be a mistake for the mainstream media to count out conservatives this Presidential election season—even if it would cause them trouble meeting their deadlines.
So there you go - Conservatives are going to want a Conservative candidate - not very surprising. And Giuliani isn't it (neither is McCain). Kind of leaves the field wide open for Gingrich should he step in. And I would be enormously surprised if he doesn't.

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