Thursday, March 15, 2007

Electoral advice from Conservatives

It is an interesting phenomenon that occurs during the primary process; we get very interested in what the other side is doing. I am watching the candidacies of McCain, Guiliani, and Romney and the flirtation of Gingrich with some interest, despite the fact that I won't be voting in the Republican Primary and as such don't really have a dog in that hunt. But of course I do have some advice for my Republicanoid Friends. Run Gingrich and have him promise to continue the policies of this White House.

Because of course that is a run that would appeal to the Republican Base and nobody else. Which would give the middle to the Democratic Nominee. What do you expect? I'm not on the Republicans side.

I take Republican articles that give Democrats advice in the same spirit, i.e. with a large grain of salt. Actually it's such a large grain of salt that I can't actually eat it in one bite - it's the size of a golf ball. And frankly eating that much salt at one time is gross, so I just like hold it up to my mouth and say "Look if you believe those conservative dopes you are going to have to eat this."

I'd like to pause here to point out that Acid House killed Rock and Roll.

Anyway in that spirit let's look at Donald Lambros review of the Hillary Clinton's chances in the 2008 Primary. Apparently they aren't that good.
Clinton's early head-to-head general-election numbers do not look good for her, either. She was trailing Republican front-runner Rudy Giuliani by an average of 5 points in all the major matchup polls of the past two weeks.When did the Clinton political restoration campaign begin to falter?

Democrats said in interviews last week that a critical factor contributing to her decline in the polls was her unwillingness to apologize for her vote for the Iraq war and admit it was a mistake.

"Her Iraq war vote is coming back to haunt her. She's said everything except that she made a mistake. Voters see this as Hillary wanting it both ways," said pollster Del Ali of Research 2000.
I will think that's a jaundiced view of Clinton's vote on the Iraq War resolution, particularly being repeated by a Conservative. After all it's not like President Bush has apologized for his promotion of the Iraq war, and it's not like Lambro, or any conservative, would expect him to.

Should Hillary Clinton apologize for her vote on the Iraq War Resolution? I don't think that would accomplish much at this point. Republicans would just shift the terrain talking about flip-flopping maybe, or how she stubbornly refused to apologize for such a long time.

At any rate, the general trend in these articles is to cheer the nomination of anybody who's not Hillary in 2008. I don't know whether that is because they believe Hillary to be our strongest candidate or because they have such fear and hatred of her that they want her gone no matter what.

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