Thursday, March 29, 2007

I'm so tired of Ann Coulter

Still you have to check in her every so often to remind yourself of her insanity. Her latest article says that Duke Cunningham took bribes but that he's a real American hero so should, I guess, be let off. It also says that the President should thumb his nose at Congress and tell them to go to hell.
. . . he [President Bush] should start holding hearings on Congress' obstruction of the war effort. Members of Congress should be asked to come before the administration's hearings and testify under oath about their commitment to victory. If they are not traitors, what do they have to hide? Surely they will be willing to state under oath that they are not undermining the war effort for partisan political gain.

The hearings could be televised in prime time: "Traitor or No Traitor?"

The president's investigatory power is better grounded than is Congress'. There is no "hearings and investigations" clause in Article I, describing Congress' powers, but the Recommendation Clause of Article II, Section 3 obligates the president to "from time to time give to the Congress Information of the State of the Union."

If the State of the Union is that we have a treasonous majority in Congress that is affirmatively undermining American national security, the president is constitutionally obliged to give Congress information to that effect. How can he make that judgment without gathering the necessary data?
In other news the Senate has just passed a bill substantially similar to the bill passed last week by the house. Which, after getting hammered out in Conference committee will be on President Bush's desk sometime next week I assume. Just in time for a big showdown, wherein President thumbs his nose at Congress. So maybe Ann Coulter will get her showdown after all, if not her show trials.

Still I don't know that she'll enjoy the results of this showdown.

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