Friday, March 30, 2007

Burt Prelutsky is lazy

His latest article is about why he won't vote for Barack Obama. It can be summed up in one sentence. "He's a liberal and I don't like liberals." He gives a canned list of why he doesn't like liberals (We want to take away his guns. We want gay marriage. We want to surrender to the terrorists. So on and so forth). And there's your article. He probably only had to write maybe 25 words outside of his canned platitudes about Liberals. He doesn't even bother to point out whether or not Obama shares these positions. Just closes with a bland statement that if Obama's not a liberal, it's up to him to convince Prelutsky.

So that puts Obama in the uncomfortable position of having to convince Prelutsky that he doesn't want to "every holiday season happily attack the rites and traditions of American Christians." Or that he doesn't want to eliminate right wing media voices. Or that he does want to prevent Pamela Sue Anderson from marrying the Oakland Raiders.

Frankly i wouldn't bother trying. Given the level of craftsmanship and diligence this article shows, even if Obama made the case, Prelutsky would probably be too lazy to hear it.

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