Wednesday, March 14, 2007

I agree with Jonah Goldberg

His latest article is entitled "Unity is Overrated," and he's dead on.
Unity is not only overrated, it's often undemocratic. Decrying the "polarization" may be something decent people are supposed to do, like recycling or paying more for organic breakfast cereal that tastes like kitty litter. But the alternative is no great shakes.

Hillary Clinton leads an all-star cast of politicians who wax poetic on their desire to get beyond politics, move past partisan labels or put ideology aside. When you hear that rhetoric, consider this as a translation: "Those who disagree with me should shut up and get on board the progress train."

I have never witnessed anyone who said that we need to get beyond ideology actually abandon his own position for the sake of unity.
Now I would note that there are plenty of Republicans who "wax poetic on their desire to get beyond politics," particularly when it comes to the war on Terror. And I suspect that Goldberg, like the people he's complaining about, means to apply his pro-partisanship badge to Republicans. I suspect he'll go on decrying Liberals who have the gall to put forward a different political position than the President's.

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