Thursday, March 22, 2007

Science with Dr. Limbaugh

Caught a bit of Limbaugh's show over lunch; more than ever he seems obsessed with Global Warming. So much so that he has three Global Warming themes that he rotates for the inevitable daily story on Global Warming. Many of them are of the sort "It's snowing in Town X, the coldest day in years. This proves no global warming." I'm no scientician, but I think that global warming is supposed to cause unusual variations in weather not just constant heat.

It also strikes me as arguing against the statement that "The House Always Wins" by pointing to a guy who got a lucky hand. Of course some people get good hands; but in the aggregate the house takes the suckers.

At any rate he was pointing out that some new information had come out about the suns magnetic fields or x-ray fields or some stuff; did I mention I'm not a scientician? Anyway his argument is that the discovery of these fields proves that scientists don't know everything; therefore we should assume they are wrong about global warming. Apparently.

But why stop there. I mean I've been hearing about this damn gravity my whole life. Among other things it's partially responsible for the lack of flying cars (although I have to admit, cars flying simply because there is no gravity might cause some accidents). If scientists didn't know about these X-Ray fields, maybe they are wrong about gravity too.

Nope - I just jumped off a table and it turns out gravity is still there. Damn.

In other news, Limbaugh took a piss at Edwards for continuing to campaign even after his wife had cancer. On the plus side he didn't play is Edwards Theme Song ("I Am Woman Hear Me Roar" with new vomit-inducing lyrics). So I guess he's trying to show a little class.

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