Friday, March 30, 2007

Covering the Bases. A Space Lobster Joint

Hey my jib jabs. This be Space Lobster back from the Cayman Isles where I've been playing a few club dates with my new band, the Editorial Mandate. It's going pretty good; I play vibraphone. Anyway they asked me to fill in and so here I am.

Our first post comes from the Fulcrum, which has some thoughts on Freedom of Speech for Government Scientists. Apparently a Utah Representative isn't keen on it. For government scientists. They need to keep global warming and possibly evolution all hushed up, and government scientists are apparently spilling the beans.

Global warming might be my fault. I came to earth in a Lobstroconif 3000. I was pretty drunk. I don't remember where I parked it and, more to the point, I think I left my running lights on. But I am pretty sure it's somewhere around Venus. Or possibly Cleveland.

Grateful Dead Radio has some thoughts on the recent trials of Elizabeth Edwards and her husband. Stories like these make me wonder if you humans are even worth conquering and enslaving. I think maybe Captain Starfaller did me a solid when he prevented me from conquering you (on 15 separate occasions).

Anyway I gotta get back to practicing; these vibes are hard to play with my claws. It takes coordination. Have a great weekend and if you are near Big Al's Crab Shack and Pistol Range, stop in and see us. Tell them Space Lobster sent you.

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