Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The President can do whatever he wants

David Limbaugh writes a very disingenuous article on Chuck Hagel this week. The core contention is that Hagels frustration with the Bush Administration's high handed way of treating Congress is unconstitutional. Congress should just accept that the President can do what ever he wants and need pay them no mind. In this Limbaugh reveals his essential disdain for both Congress and the people of the United States (when they fail to agree with him).
Since his main complaint against the president seems to be that he is not marching to the commands of Congress or the people, isn't it interesting that without a fortuneteller or divining rod we can't even be sure what those commands are?

If public opinion surveys were to be binding on the president, which ones should he heed? (Where are those silly computer polls candidate Ross Perot promised when you need them?) But if we voters are supposed to be the collective commander in chief, perhaps we should forfeit our franchise as well for vacillating and sending mixed signals to the president on Iraq.

Indeed if congressmen want to impeach the president for not following their dictates, perhaps they should first tender their own resignations for the same reason. That is, Democrats claim they were elected to majority control in 2006 with a mandate to end the war in Iraq, and yet, without grotesque bribes from the public treasury they can't even muster a majority to pass a resolution to enforce their "mandate."
I don't know - I don't bother with David Limbaugh much anymore. There's such a bland maliciousness to his articles that it's hard to come up with anything to say about them (his brother's maliciousness, while certainly evil, is at least regularly flamboyant).

This is really quite simple. Limbaugh is standing by the President's right to do whatever he wants, while thumbing his nose at both Congress and the People of the United States. The people have decided that Iraq was a mistake? Screw the people. Congress wants to put a stop to the war in Iraq? Screw Congress. And that's where we are.

Still what Hagel said is correct, there are ways to resist the Bush White House, and not all of them end in -peachment.

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