Monday, March 05, 2007

Non Partisan Democrats

I don't usually criticize Salon stories but every so often you come across a line that's so dopey you just have to say something. Such is the case in Michael Scherer's latest article, about the candidacy of Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, running in the Republican primary. Apparently Huckabee is not the sort of Republican who jokes about blowing up the New York Times.
After Huckabee is finished, Evans explains his impressions, which have nothing to do with the candidate's stand on cultural issues. "It's nice to see a little humility in a politician once in a while," he says. "Just to say that Democrats might not be completely out to lunch -- I've always believed that."

In an instant, Evans had captured the Huckabee quality that poses the clearest threat to partisan Democrats. He is the only Republican currently running for president with solid-gold Christian-right credentials as well as the potential to appeal to crossover independent voters, who abandoned the Republican Party in 2006.
Partisan Democrats - I guess that is intended to refer to Democrats who want to win elections? Or what exactly? Isn't any Republican Candidate a threat to Partisan Democrats?

Or is Scherer describing Democrats who talk about their political opponents as if they were the enemy? Who joke about locking up their enemies as traitors? If so, he should introduce me to them - they sound like good folk. Because most of the Democrats I see (including our three candidates) are pretty conciliatory towards Republicans.

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