Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Breathtaking hypocricy

This is truly amazing. Bill Murchinson decries the Democrats implosion in an article that seems like it was written sometime in 2003. Apparently news has yet to reach Mr. Murchinson of the election in 2006. But what really makes this article shine is where he thinks we Democrats have missed the boat.
The Democratic game isn't to help solve a major military-foreign policy crisis. The game is to make sure the Bush White House and the "neocons" get blamed -- so unforgivingly, indeed, that Americans entrust to the Democrats future responsibility for such matters.

What a noble precedent, at which two can play -- destroy, block, blame, obstruct; call for subpoenas; stir up the bloggers; fight, fight, fight. Not just in foreign policy, either. If "Democrats can win in Republican districts where corruption is an issue," so Republicans will figure out they can win in Democratic districts "where corruption is an issue." Implied, trumped-up corruption, if nothing better comes along, corruption equivalent to the current foofaraw over prosecutors.
You'd think, writing from the perspective of 2003 that Murchinson would have a better remembrance of how our beloved Republican buddies acted during the Clinton Years. I mean they didn't have blogs then (or not as much) but everything else seems to pretty much describe how his buddies acted against Clinton. And all they got out of that was the White House, the Senate, and the House of Representatives. So I can see why Murchinson would be opposed to us acting vigorously against President Bush.

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