Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Who do the Persian's represent?

There's nothing better than a good old fashioned movie controversy, and we've got one with the current film "300." Apparently some people feel it's simplistic presentation of good vs. evil which supports the Bush Administrations simplistic presentation of good vs. evil. in the modern world. Ben Shapiro is on hand to explain that it's just a movie, but this debate shows that liberals don't like admitting there are such things as Good and Evil.
Many reviewers have panned "300" not on artistic grounds, or even on grounds of inanity, but on the grounds that the Spartans in the film are a bunch of jackbooted thugs; that the tyranny they fight is less tyrannical than Sparta; that good vs. evil is too simplistic.
I doubt Shapiro has read more than a few reviews of the movie. Certainly the reviews I read have panned it on artistic grounds as well. In fact I don't recall them bringing up the problem of Good Vs. Evil except to note that it's a comic book movie so it naturally presents Good Vs. Evil in a simplistic way. So I think Shapiro might be reaching on this one.

Frankly as movie controversies go this is pretty small time. Anyway planning on seeing "300" this weekend should all things go well, so I'll have more to say then.

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