Wednesday, February 07, 2007

The Wealthiest Person is a Pauper at Times

One nice thing about the election season (all 22 months of it) being upon us is that our helpful conservative friends are going to start giving us advice. Tony Blankley has some advice for Hillary Clinton, which is nice. His advice? Be conservative. I guess that's not very surprising all things considered. Specifically he believes she should support the war and ignore her buddies on the left in this country.
If the news from Iraq turns around over the next year and a half, the Democrats, as the party of defeat, will likely themselves be defeated.

But even if the news from Iraq stays bad, or gets worse, the increasingly dangerous world that such events would reveal to the American electorate may well suggest to the voters that, whatever the mistakes of George Bush, in such a dangerous world they cannot rely on the hard-core anti-war mentality of Hillary Clinton, or any other cut-and-run Democrat (or Republican).
Of course you have to decide that thinking this particular war is stupid or that we should get out of it makes you hard-core anti-war. Since some 70% of America thinks this war is a mistake, I guess that suggests that America maybe isn't as Conservatoid as our buddies on the right like to believe.

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