Monday, February 19, 2007


Burt Prelutsky, alleged humorist, has written his latest article about Barack Obama. In in he treats Obama so disrespectfully I briefly considered that he might be racist. His article is entitled "B.O. for President," describes him as a cuckoo (one of many), and then says this, "Down deep, he’s just another megalomaniac who thinks he should be running the world." But I have since concluded that Prelutsky is suffering from a worse ailment - Democrataphobia. He suffers from an irrational fear of and hatred towards Democrats and this distorts his ability to write about them.

How else do you explain this sort of paragraph.
Obama is making a good deal of political hay out of the fact that he alone of all the candidates opposed our invasion of Iraq. That brings up two questions. Back when he made his anti-war speech, he was still a member of the Illinois state legislature. What business has a state senator got making pronouncements about America’s foreign policy? But, more importantly, back then such bona fide liberals as Clinton, Kerry, Lieberman, Feinstein and Schumer, voted in favor of the invasion. So the question that begs asking is whether Barack Hussein Obama would ever be in favor of taking any action, no matter the provocation to America, that would put Muslim lives at risk.
Any concerned America has the right to speak out about America's foreign policy. I note that many of your colleagues and you yourself have expressed opinion on what America's foreign policy should be, and you haven't been elected to anything. Secondly, the slander that Obama's opposition to invading Iraq comes from putting Iraqi lives over Americans is patently nonsense. All the Democrats have stated that invading Iraq was a mistake - Obama was right before they were, and that somehow proves he loves Muslims more than Americans?

But I think you have to show some sympathy for Prelutsky's condition. Particularly when it makes him write embarrassing articles like this one.

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