Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The Rules are Different

Cal Thomas is upset that people play Former President Clinton a lot of money to speak to them.
No president before him has managed to cash in from his time in office with such shameless abandon.

A Washington Post story by John Solomon and Matthew Mosk is staggering in its revelations of Clinton's greed. In the six years since he left the presidency, Clinton has taken in nearly $40 million - between nine and 10 million of it last year. Clinton averaged "almost a speech a day" in 2006. Twenty percent of his fees reportedly "were for personal income." The rest of his speeches, says the Post, were for no fee or for donations to Clinton's foundation.
You know if I wrote a piece about how maybe Oil Companies or Energy Traders or Pharmaceutical companies, Thomas would be one of the first people complaining about my class envy. But this is of course different. Because this is Clinton. And no matter what Clinton (or any Liberal) is, it's bad!

George Soros is a bad man not because he's a capitalist but because he's a liberal. Mike S. Addams is a good man despite being an academic because he's a conservative.

Now in fairness Thomas does try to bring up this money in the context of Clinton's wife running for President, on the theory that if Saudi Arabia pays Bill $1,000,000 to give a speech, President Hillary Clinton will then show them favorable treatment.

Of course pointing out how many times the Saudis have bailed out President Bush and suggesting that this might influence how he runs things is kook conspiracy talk.

See the rules are really quite easy once you learn the underlining theory - Conservative Good! Liberal Bad!

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