Friday, February 09, 2007

Can President Bush Invade Iran?

This is the subject of Pat Buchanan's latest article, and he comes to two conclusions. One, Bush almost certainly wants to be able to invade Iran. Two, he may not have the authority to do so but may believe he does.
Now, as there is no indication Iran is preparing any attack on U.S. forces or facilities, or the homeland, such a U.S. attack would be the first strike in a preventive war -- like the ones Japan executed at Port Arthur in 1904 and Pearl Harbor in 1941. Only Bush could claim Iran had been repeatedly warned of what he would do.

So, we return to the question: Does Bush have the authority to do this? If so, where did he get it, as Congress alone is empowered in the Constitution to declare war?
Buchanan's solution is for Congress to pass a resolution clarifying their position on Iran, specifically stating that Bush doesn't have the right to invade Iran without Congressional approval. It's an elegant solution, but unlikely to be implemented.

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