Monday, February 12, 2007

If 6 were 9

Dinesh D'Souza's latest article takes aim at a fellow conservative who dares to suggest that maybe liberals aren't really responsible for 9/11. He reiterates the theme of his book, which is, of course that we are responsible. If it weren't for us liberals, the terrorists would never have attacked us on 9/11.

His argument rests on two points. First, Liberals are weak and so we don't scare the Terrorists. Secondly, Liberals are decadent and so we infuriate the Terrorists. If we were more God Fearing, the Terrorists would hate us less, and if we were more violent, the terrorists would not dear to strike at us.

He does make this amusing statement.
. . . how did we get Khomeini? When Jimmy Carter was elected in 1979 his liberal advisors told him that he could not consistently uphold human rights and support the Shah of Iran. Carter pulled the Persian rug out from under the Shah, and in trying to get rid of the bad guy, he got the worse guy.
For those playing along at home, Carter was elected in 1976, took office in 1977, and held power through January 1981 when Reagen took power.

D'Souza wants conservatives to fight a dual war - a war against Islamic Terrorists and a war against American Liberals. Rather than pretending that we are all one nation, he feels that Conservatives should reach out to Traditional Muslims as allies against the decadence and evil of Liberals.

These times have turned real ill.

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