Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Tales to Terrify Timid Teenagers!

Once out in the hills around your town (or maybe it was the woods, or down by the lake, or out in the badlands), there were a pair of teenagers named Jack and Koslowski. Diane Koslowski. So they were like making out and Jack was saying "Come on baby, let's like do stuff" in a vaguely threatening manner.

Koslowski wasn't so sure. "But Jack. Isn't this the area those other teens disappeared mysteriously?"

Jack grunted and said "Fiddlesticks. Nobody ever disappeared ever. Now let's get you out of that fender amplifier."

Koslowski looked around nervously. "Wait I think I hear something."

Jack looked around. "I didn't hear nothing," and ran his hands over her chrome detailing.

Koslowki pushed his tendril aside and said "Listen Jack I'm sure something's out there."

Jack looked around and said "You know something. I hear it too. Let's get out of here!" He reached up and started to engage the moving mechanism, but it was stuck.

Koslowki panted and said "Hurry Jack."

Jack looked around crazily and said "I'm trying. It won't start." From outside they could definately hear something creeping up and just as they heard a scraping sound on the door handle, the automocar roared to life and Jack drove away.

But the most terrifying part of this story was when they got home. As they got out of the car, still shaken by the experience, they heard a clunk as something fell off the door handle. Koslowski bent over and picked up an object, holding it to the light - she gasped and it fell a second time as she screame and ran into the house.

Jack lurched around the car and looked down to see what had caused such a hideous reaction. There, glinting in the moonlight, was the horrible sight Jack had ever seen.

A silver 23.

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