Tuesday, February 06, 2007


I failed to watch the Superbowl this time around (like the last 15 superbowls actually). But apparently Prince was the halftime entertainment, and Townhall has an article by Rich Galen bemoaning his participation.
* Prince? The artist formerly known as &*$%(!@?

* How many of the 75,000 ticket holders and 1.3 gazillion television viewers, do you think, can name even one song by &*$%(!@?
Purple Rain? Let's Go Crazy? Like Doves Cry? Rasberry Beret? I would say a few of those might pop up on the public radar. But what do I know. Thankfully Galen let's us know what sort of performers he'd like to see.
* For my money, I think it would be swell if the halftime show were split evenly between the Kingston Trio and Andy Williams.
Yes cause after a halftime of football nothing gets the blood pumping like Andy Williams.

I'm not entirely sure that Mr. Galen is the expert on music he pretends to be.

Apparently Prince does have a lot of fans at Townhall.com though.

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