Thursday, February 15, 2007

Good News from the Conservatives

Hugh Hewitt's latest article is an angry cry for Republican Congress Critters to stand firm against Democrats, and he clearly says that failure to do so will disappoint and anger the base. Says Hewitt closes his article by saying "In short, I expect –and apparently so do thousands of others—the Republicans on the Hill to act as though they are willing to sacrifice something –including perceived political advantage—to win the war."

This is great! Now is just the right moment for Conservatoids to get all pissy about not getting their way. The American People will be able to see just how thoughtless and bloodthirsty our buddies on the right are.

And incidentally how out of touch with reality, as this line from the article shows.
Mark Foley and the MSM helped the terrorists in the campaign to retire the Republican majority, but it was the sixth year of an eight year presidency, and a lot of the losses were extremely close run things. To fallback, regroup, and go on the offensive seemed to be the obvious steps to take.
Yeah - the terrorists now have the majority in the House thanks to Mark Foley . . . wait, what's D stand for again? Derrorists?

No, it's the Democrats - kind of a shame Hugh Hewitt can't tell the difference between the two. And I do feel sorry for his lack of perception. But, although I feel sorry for him, I still don't want him behind the wheel of the United States of America.

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