Monday, February 05, 2007

Mitt Romney - Mormon

Michael Medved has a post on his blog about why Mitt Romney's Mormon-ness probably won't sink his campaign in the long run. The theory is that right now all they know is that he's Mormon.
When pollsters ask abstract questions like “would you vote for a Mormon for President” or “do you think America’s ready for a Mormon president,” the responses don’t reveal anything about the status of the Romney campaign. They only prove that the LDS Church remains a controversial religious organization, with many people distrusting or disliking its theology and leadership. When large percentages (over 20% in some polls) say they wouldn’t vote for a Mormon for President, that’s not a response to Romney’s candidacy (about which most people remain totally uninformed) but a reaction to Mormonism in general.
As time goes on they will see that Romney is more than just a Mormon, and seeing his sons and his accomplishments will apparently overcome any dislike they have for Mormons. Here's hoping.

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