Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Comments at AMERICAblog

I'm not a big fan of Hillary Clinton, as I've explicated in the past. But some of the comments about her over at AMERICAblog are really quite a bit beyond the pale.
She is such a New Yorker. How long did Hillary live In New York prior to 9/11? So STFU Hillary. You are as much a New Yorker as you are a liberal!

Just another reason why I say f--k Hillary Clinton and the broom she flew in on.

Maybe Bill should be forgiven for his indiscretions. Maybe he knew something we didn't. After all, who can blame a dog in the desert when it tries to find water.
Frankly I could see those all showing up at Townhall or any Conservative blog.

There's also a nice undercurrent of anti-Semitism. It's one thing to say that Israel influences American policy a bit too much - nothing wrong with that in my opinion. But using them as a bogey man? Suggesting that Hillary is their candidate? That's a step too far - puts us in the international conspiracy area. That's not a good area to be in.

I have been thinking about my disagreement with the Daily Howler - I think it comes down to this - I think Hillary Clinton's presidential ambitions should be stopped, and more to the point, can be stopped. I think his call is that she is the most likely candidate in 2008. So he doesn't want to do anything that would hurt her chances in 2008 now. Fair enough. As the election gets closer and more cards show up on the table, I may find myself switching to his position.

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