Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Documentary Idea

I have an idea for a documentary based on the morning guy show here on Conservative Talk Radio. He was talking about an idea we have here in Florida to help poorer families with prenatal care and post natal care. Apparently this will help babies to live rather than die.

His argument is that this is a bad idea because it encourages women to have babies irresponsibly. Families should only be encouraged to only have babies when they have enough money to pay for their own prenatal and post natal care. Plus he brought up the problem of women having babies so they can get more money from welfare. Apparently having babies on welfare is the ticket to the sweet life.
Minority woman 1 : (Steps out of a Mercedes) Hey Minority Woman 2.

Minority Woman 2: Sweet ride, Minority Woman 1! How'd you afford that?

Minority Woman 1: Simple. I had another baby. It's just that easy.

Minority Woman 2: I wish I could have a lot of babies, but I'm concerned about prenatal care. I don't know if I can afford it.

Minority Woman 1: You silly goose. Just get prenatal care from the government and you'll be living on easy street.

Minority Woman 2: You're right! Why didn't I think of that? Thanks to government prenatal care I can have all the babies I want.

Minority Woman 1: That's right. Soon you'll be wealthy as I am, thanks to the miracle of childbirth.
OK I'm goofing around a little. But this is the way the morning guy thinks (exaggerated a little). So what I would like to see is a documentary examining the inner lives of woman who have a lot of babies in order to get bigger welfare checks. What are these women like? How do they think? Do they even exist? If they exist how numerous are they?

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