Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Let's Twist Again (Like We Did Last Summer)

Longtime readers of the blog will note that I think Random Goblin is a sharp cookie - but occasionally even sharp cookies can be wrong. Take this comment he made on the last Dinesh D'Souza column I commented on.
He's really turning into a one-hit wonder, no? Seems like he only ever says the same thing, rephrased.

Dinesh "Broken Record" D'Souza.
I think that while it does look like D'Souza is repeating the same points over and over again - I do think there is a progression being made. It seems like a broken record, but in fact it's a downward spiral into, I'm afraid, madness and insanity. Or inanity. Haven't decided which yet.

Witness yesterday's salvo. It turns out that it was American Liberals fault that there was torture at Abu Ghraib. Not as you might think the people who sent the troops over there with little thought to the aftermath. Nor those troops involved. Nor, it goes without saying, the people back here who cheered and applauded torture ("fraternity prank"). Nope those poor soldiers were just caught up trying to imitate us liberals.
Lynndie England and Charles Graner were two wretched individuals from Red America who were trying to act out the fantasies of Blue America. Casting aside all traditional notions of decency, propriety and morality, they simply lived by the code of self-fulfillment. If it feels good, it must be right. This was bohemianism, West Virginia-style.

. . . To his credit, President Bush made no attempt to defend Abu Ghraib, firmly asserting that it didn't represent America. What he should have said is that it didn't represent the values of conservative America. In reality Abu Ghraib did reflect the values of a debauched liberalism run amok.
It's hard to know where to start with this, but at a certain point there's little point in trying. Trying to refute a statement like this is like trying to refute the guy down at the bus station who claims to be the King of England. I could, for example, point out the difference between consensual sexual acts and rape - but perhaps D'Souza doesn't see the difference. I could point out that there was plenty of non-sexual torture at Abu Ghraib. I could point out the cheers of the Conservative Punditocracy, particularly in the Conservative Blog-O-Sphere, to the idea of tormenting Iraqis. But what's the point - you go right ahead and believe what you want D'Souza. And I'll stand over here and thank God that he has made my enemies ridiculous.

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