Friday, February 23, 2007

The Number 1

If you notice any similarities between what you are about to read and your own life, please for the love of God stop reading.

I have 1 head. I have 1 body. I have two arms. Two divided by two equals 1. I have ten fingers. Ten Fingers divided by ten equals 1.

I was borne on October 17, 1970. There are three 1's in my birth date, and if you add all the numbers together and divide by 26 you get 1.

My drivers license and my social security number have no 1's in them.

My Credit Card Number has three 1s in it.

My Address has two 1s in it.

When I select a list of my favorite albums or songs or comic books, I always reserve the number 1 slot for my favorite.

I have 1 car.

I have 1 apartment.

I have 1 dog.

I have 3 websites. 3 divided by 3 equals 1.

1 is the loneliest number.

The Beatles entitled their greatest hits collection 1. I own that album and I like the Beatles.

I have now typed the number 1 in this post 18 times. The number 18 has a 1 in it. 18 divided by 18 equals 1. I have now typed the number 1 in this post 25 times. 25 divided by 25 equals 1.

Getting freaked out yet? If not, I'll be around with more 1's to scarify you.

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