Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Rotten to the Core

Company X's reactions to the passing of James Brown have been varied, admittedly. The most extreme reaction comes from Jones, former office manager of their Tulsa branch and hosted on a website which still has a Company X Logo on it. Posted Jones, "Screw James Brown. I always wanted to be the Godfather of Soul." Obviously this post by a former employee of Company X shows that Company X is rotten to the core, and we can only pray that some day they return to decency.

Seem a little bit of a stretch? Well than so will Jeff Emanuel's latest article, in which he criticizes a former Democratic Party County Chairman (he gives the guys last name Matthews, but not his full name, which strikes me as a bit childish even given the subject) has said some mean things about Congressmen Charlie Norwood. They are mean things, and kind of despicable given Norwood's situation (he is essentially returning home to die).

That said, of course it is a bit of a stretch to point to Norwood as proof that the Democratic Party and politics in general have become too dirty. He cites many of the leaders of the Republican Party who expressed sympathy and support for Democratic Senator Tim Johnson, during his recent troubles. Of course I'm sure you could find people who said some mean things about Tim Johnson, but that wouldn't fit into Emanuel's message which is "Democrats Mean, Republicans Nice."

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